Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I've actually been "busy"? haha

LOL. Oh man! Friday's classes were tiring! One was actually disappointing. lol. anywho, didn't eat that whole day. saturday, went to Raz's wedding. She was sooo beautiful! her wedding was beautiful! Went with Naj who turned out to be staying at her cousin's house or somehting like that like near Pn. Harvinder's house area. (so darn close to our house is what i'm tryna say! haha). Well, then we waited for the rest to come and they arrived around 3-ish. lol. The food was GOOD.

Oh yeah, lately, I have a knack for choking on things, hence I'm lack of appetite to eat. I do feel hungry and crave for things, but when it comes to eating it, I'd think twice maybe thrice. lol. then i won't eat at all. =[ but I AM hungry. lol.

Anyways..Saturday passed, i think i baked some cake that early sunday morning. With its fudge and all! Moist chocolate cake. super good. =] lol points for NOT BEING MODEST! haha jk. but seriously, i really liked it. it wasn't too moist tho. but it was moist enough for most tongues. haha. Fudge was super easy to make. gotta give Afra the recipe i think...?

Monday...went into Sir Amad's photography class. it was so much fun! thinking of taking it next sem wit's tiring but so much fun. it makes me feel like almost ALL of the pics i took before are soooo ugly! haha. but at least i know better now, so that's just super awesome! Sir said i could tkae pics and show him like a regular student (since i'm not officially registered in the subject), but i sorta, i would give ideas to Mela n DD where to take pics. =] so i still understand the concepts. lol. but the final pic that he asked to take, and show it later after the chinese new year holidays, I will go home and take it. It's really hard to take THE perfect picture, but like, so much fun and super awesome when you actually get it.

Tuesday..nothing much happened. only i left my hard disk at my first class. Adn realized about 8 hours later! thank God just now Mela found it! Thank God! Thank God for the person who ever saw it for being honest! Gosh! I've never been ever sooooo thankful! *sigh* seriously. Tho, surprisingly, last nite i fell asleep like a baby. Truth: i seriously couldn't think about anything else since the hard disk was missing. so i couldnt think on my 3D tutorial. lol. oh yeah, successfully installed 3D Max 2011. So yeah...super awesome! =] a better mood than last nite. i feel like eating but yeah..that feeling again...damn it! lol...I'm hungry...


Friday, January 21, 2011

Thursday, January 20, 2011

skipped wednesday..

LOL. nothing happened, since i only had Mandarin class that day. Oh! Afra did bake some cream puffs and i had one. It was delicious! =] then came back early enough to go work out. Then comes Thursday!

Well, it's Apit's bday. just wished him! lol. i know it was late. I didnt know what number he used! lol. so yeah, and yeah. Oh yeah, went to Masjid Jamek wit Melah to buy this really cute and awesome mini table. so now i don't have to lay on my stomach to use the laptop. well, we do have those study tables thingamajigs but yeah..not comfortable. so the mini awesome table that i just bought was like rm16.90 at mydin. so a couple pens. lol for the exams! since i've got a bunch of papers this semester. LOL. so yeah, went out and came back in about an hour. we really didnt plan on doing anything else.

oh yeah, yesterday, Mela drew Johnny Depp and for her it wasn't good enough, so I asked if i could have it. LOL. it was good enough for me! lol. maybe the mouth is a bit small and a little out of proportion but it's as good as it's gonna get for me. LOL. then Bella drew Spiderman for me. lol coz last time i tried, i couldn't fit his head. lol. but she drew him from the top half. lol. using CHARCOAL! both of them used charcoal. it was awesome! so i got super inspired, plus wit the new table and i drew myself a spiderman.

My spidey

Lol. all 3 pics are the same drawing. Just tryna not get any shadow of my phone. LOL. Probably will scan it later for any future

Here's Bella's Spidey..

She said she messed up the ribs but it's okay...she worked hard on it. =]

Here's what Melah drew. Johnny Depp...(when he did drugs? lol jk)

well we had fun, definitely! =] ♥ ♥ ♥


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Impossible by Shontelle

This song is very expressive. Good job Shontelle! ='[

heart broken

not really in the mood for blogging. just got real heart-breaking news. but today's classes were fine and fun. =] i'm literally speechless...


Monday, January 17, 2011

You see what you believe, or you believe what you see?

LOL. some topic huh? well, today was quite fun. joined the photography class, but didnt register for it. lol. they were just presenting. Sir got his brownies, and yeah it was all good. Even tho I said he didn't have to pay for it, he gave DD some money to give to me. LOL. but i used it to treat everybody a mickey d's dinner. well, we had to top up with our own money. LOL.

well, some drastic news came to my ears today. but i aint gonna tell about it here. it's just kinda pathetic, but really more sad. Though, i did get some theories out of my but we were just It's insane. but whatever..

basically it's just about..lately..I've been thinking, if people see what they believe is true or what they tell themselves is true. there is a difference right? like if you keep telling yourself it's cold on a summer's day, eventually it will be cold for you while it is actually 104 F. right? something like that. hmm but sometimes..things are just it could be raining and sunny at the same time, where a rainbow (sometimes even TWO rainbows) will appear. right? hmm whatever..

anywho...MA was okay..cant wait to actually start coding again. but i know imma wish i hadn't said that! haha. oh's a couple pics of the carrot cake i made..

that's it I guess...wasn't that pretty..but it was satisfyingly delicious. haha. and so i've been told...=]

off to math "homework" (which i HAVE stopped asking for!) lol


Skipped Sunday..

Nothing much happened on Sunday. Baked a carrot cake and some brownies that Sir Amad ordered for his birthday "today" (monday) LOL. hmm Back at the dorm, download finished, oh..can i just go to sleep? LOL Morning class tomorrow. =[ Oh yeah, kak nana slept over on saturday. it's all good~

and and and and...done recording....but I'm not satisfied with it...=[ oh well...


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Saturday~~ ♥

Couldn't blog last nite. was too tired. Well, the 2 morning classes were cancelled. Met the new leacturer tho, he's cute. but hopefully he teaches okay too! haha. hmm went to low yat and got the adapter! it was like rm5! but told yong too late coz kak yaya already ordered another one online. for $5 (USD) so i guess that's okay. so..i was gonna try out the adapter on the pc, but i was too tired. I slept while waiting for the rest to come and pick me up to go see nenek at Mak Ogie's house. on the way there we had dinner at Carrefour Ampang. It was delicious, but iono why i was sooo hungry at the time. lol. I think walking really burns the calories. LOL. so haven't been to the gym since wednesday. but that's okay. I figured i have to lose like _0kg haha. but i've done 10kg in a month before. so i think my target wont take a year. perhaps less than half a year. *fingers crossed!*

So, met nenek..he seemed really happy to get the photo frames mama has been working on with all of our pics in it. =] and that was pretty much it. oh yeah, afra, pharie and i started talking about our internships. planning to do it overseas. but iono yet. but we're just gonna try and apply.

so on the way back..from what seemed like such a looooong day, i heard in the car, ellie gooulding's version of elton john's "your song". Tryna put the vid here, but the internet's just too slow...oh well..


Thursday, January 13, 2011

♥ A Day Out With Syam ♥

Went out with Syam today! Saw "The Tourist" Johnny Depp was acceptably good. Haha. Well the story line was quite disappointing, but Johnny depp made it worth going. LOL. Well we didnt do much..helped Syam buy some new shoes and a cute top. Oh yeah, for starters..there's supposed to be this big yellow bus which takes people from the Bangsar station to Mid valley. So I could've gotten onto the regular bus but it was too full so some juniors and i walked to the corner of the street. They were planning to share a cab to the bangsar station. the thing is, the yellow bus drove rite infront of me and i did wave and the driver DID see me. wonder why he wouldn't let me on. so yeah..that was annoying. not long after, like a second after that really, a cab driver who passed by earlier turned around to pick us up. the other girls went to bangsar station and I said to the driver to just bring me straight to Mid Valley. Yeah, then met up with Syam..=] Had lunch then shop shop and looked for that guitar adapter store DID have it but they were out of stock. =[ so yeah imma check out Low Yatt tomorrow. hmm then we watched the movie..then yeah that's basically it. Got back before Maghrib, and had dinner with Melah. =]

♥ Syam and Me ♥

♥ Syam and Me...AGAIN ♥

Oh yeah..checked out a couple guitar stores. Yamaha had the guitar i really's an acoustic electric with black finish..=] oh so nice..spent a couple minutes at the "beat spot"

Syam took this pic while I was jammin'..

Oh yeah, we did stop by the paper store-already know what imma get mama!- lol and there was this other Apit's present there and maybe Sir's present..but iono..maybe i'll just make him a card. that other present might be for Melah. =]

yeah..that's about it..oh yeah the next pic is a pic of a folk guitar i tried was like rm4,ooo++!! lol the black one was like RM2750..=[ gotta save up till like AFTER graduation and AFTER getting a job to get a guitar then..=[ haha

the 5k guitar! haha well 4k but almost 5k so yeah. LOL.

Oh yeah there was this old dude, but not THAT old, he heard me jamming and asked me to turn up the volume! lol. I was so embarrassed at the compliment! We just laughed shyly and


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Black & White Wednesday

LOL I wore black and white today. Just out of randomness..but my watch is still yellow and my hair tie is still black and green. =] Well, went to campus around noon. The 3D class was supposed to be at 12:30 but I guess the new cute lecturer didn't realize she had to join that MQA thingy too and told us she would start teaching today. Hence, we went and got disappointed that she never showed up. But we were smart enough to leave early and went o have lunch.

Then it was time for Mandarin 1. LOL literally tryna remember them syllables. It was okay. very funny class. oh man...but now i'm too sleepy. Got back around 5pm then searched for all of the music stores at Mid Valley. And went to the gym again with Kak Ain, accompanied by Bella n Mela. It was a short session. But yeah..i guess that's a pretty good start. then had Fried Noodles for "dinner". LOL i know rite! after working out?! yeah..but i guess it's okay. That's only once today. Not planning to eat more friend stuff. lol. But i really do feel like getting something at Carl's Jr. tomorrow. LOL. Hey, at least i eat 3 times a day. and even that, I wont go snackin at nite anymore. I'm full now. LOL.

Oh yeah, looked up some guitars. I don't know how to look for a guitar. So found some guides on buying a guitar. I guess it's all cool. The basic thing is that i feel comfortable playing it. So yeah, gotta test it out first. And i think my basics in the sound is okay...tho i am still kinda scared the sales person might lie to me. but yeah..that's why i read the tips. So there are some stuff i should look out for. but i wish Fred's friend Adi could accompany me shop for a guitar. maybe just check stuff out and not buy it YET. I think he would know more about guitars. oh well...we'll see what happens tomorrow. =]

Tired now..laterzz "blogerzzz"...



Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The 11th day..

January 11th..beautiful date..11.1.11. =] well not much happened..the morning class was canceled and thank God the lecturer told us on the day before so went to campus at like 1pm coz my class was at 2:30pm. It was another satisfying session of math. Had to answer for my friends who didnt come tho. but that's okay. Started the 3D class but we just got our backgrounds straight and the lecturer said that she's gonna start teaching tomorrow. So the class was cut short.

Got back on the bus. Just as soon as i unpacked some stuff like my phone and mp4, kak ain called and asked to join her at the NEW gym downstairs! Went on the track thingy. It was fun! Then we walked to the petronas nearby. Bought a cold less sugar drink. =] eat healthy. be healthy! =]

Oh yeah, thought of taking photography but I guess I'll just have to wait. haven't got a camera yet. So i'll just wait till after my practical. And as for the dance club...this year, imma propose the idea of dance theater. it would be EPIC. well, hopefully it will..have an idea for the beginning but haven't gotten the inbetween and how to get everybody at the end or something. =] Will need to look up at some songs for inspiration.

Oh, going out to meet Syam on Thursday. Gonna look for that adapter thingy..then ic an probably get a good recording by this weekend..and people listening by next week! haha i wish! well then..not much else happened. I didnt have to ask for homework this time, the lecturer was very happy to give us a question to do "at home". Since the next class will be on next week, I guess i can put it up. LOL. Not as enthusiastic as i was before to do the "homework". just tired from the workout. hopefully i can fall asleep faster..i guess. =]

That's it for now..


Monday, January 10, 2011


First thing's first, Happy New Year! Whoa! it's 2011! lol. well didnt do much, just went over to see some family in KL. Ate some Thai food..i think? It was good! and Mak Yah made ALL of our favorite desserts! Then did some spring cleaning.

Well, I'd tell the stories but it'll just bored you. so skip to day 10 of 2011. LOL. i totally choked on some fish bone. oh man! it was horrible! The bone was like half an inch long..and almost as thick as yarn. LOL. but it wasn't soft and bendy like was hard alright..poking somewhere down my throat. Went to the clinic across from campus..with one of my roommates, Bella. The doc just pulled it out and it was...the best feeling ever! it didnt cost that much. I did beg the doc for student price! haha plus SME Bank's Tower has a pretty awesome cafe. And it's all make your own waffle and stuff. lol. so that's all cool. shoved a cool cream puff (like really extremely creamy) cream puff down my throat after that. Oh it was "sensational" . lol. umm..oh did i skip the part where i threw up all of what i ate before the incident? yeah..i just finished eating and it wasn't even 4 minutes after that, that i started to choke and puke out everything. LOL. Yeah..totally felt bulimic. haha.

Oh yeah, first day of school. not much happened...coz i was too busy concentrating to get the freakin fish bone outta my throat. LOL. umm my lecturers seemed cool. i was LITERALLY begging for an assignment. Finally my math finally i get a good one for this subject (that i dropped last semester). She's pregnant she'll be away for a bit later. she just gave us one question to do "at home". =] so i guess that's okay. I'll rest. Tomorrow's class starts at 2:30 since the morning lab session is cancelled. =] well, the lecturer just assumed not many will b attending. so the first week is the week for you to decide which class you wanna take like..really wanna take. LOL.

I guess that's about it. Now at the hostel..just gonna rest. and make sure i gargle whatever meds the doc gave to ease my throat from the scratch or something. =]

nitey nite~♥