Thursday, July 23, 2009


hmm..waiting for class to start. i have hour and 13 minutes till my class starts. i just decided to come early today to consult with my lecturers about my overlapping class schedule. jeeze..MIIT's organization sucks.

oh yeah, since i've the time rite now, i guess i can sahre about the first 2 weeks of being a uniKL's MIIT's student. the lectures are alright. it's just, the administrative people really should be nicer and more friendly.

so like, the first week was the orientation week. it was actually the best of all the orientations i've had since i've been in malaysia. so that was an all cool 3 days at ukm. then i thought it'd be all great when i've got my schedule. but oh man was i wrong! it's so confusing and seriously nobody was of any help. i dont knw if it was because i spoke englsih to them or whatever. but it sure seemed like it was because of that. oh well. now, i'm just praying that i'll get the classes i'm supposed to get for this first semester..huhu..wouldnt want to b adding extra semesters! hehe

hmm..oh, was it that short? hmm..still bored here..

so i've settled stuff with my lecturers..oh yeah, today's class is the overlapping ones..and thank God one of my lecturers is understanding enough to let me not enter for the first hour of the class so i could attend the other class which is scheduled at the same time. huhu, i know i cant go on like this so i really really hope that the administrative people will act smart and do the right thing. huhu...

btw, unless i havent been clear enough, i really really really DESPISE the administrative people at 3rd floor uniKL city campus. they suck! and they are unfriendly. and they really need to take some sort of training course to be more friendly and nice. hehe..

yes...well, these blog thingies is the place for us to "express" our thoughts and stuff rite? yeah..that's it..

lol or shoild i write and write and write untill it's 11:30am? hmm..getting kinda sleepy. oh yeah, that reminds me, YONG AYAH N MAMA...if u guys are reading this...i have been waking up at like between 5am-6am ever since i got into the university. so yeah..that's a good improvement i think. and i actually try to sleep before midnight, but i usually have something to do and before i know it, it is already like 1am. so i try to go to sleep as soon at possible. yeah..oh yeah and MAMA AND AYAH, i got transfered to another room. a room wif a balcony!!! yes, our prayers have been answered! haha. seriously, well, first we asked for another room coz it was too crowded, then last nite we were called n asked to move to a room wif a balcony coz our current room is in the "black area". like, it's dangerous wif all the robberies and stuff. so yeah, even tho we JUST finished unpacking our stuff into the black area room, we were happy to knw we got the buge room wif the balcony. hehe...ALHAMDULILLAH...

yeah...hmm..that was only like 3 minutes..hmm..oh yeah, so i talked to Raz last nite during dinner. she told me about the history of the hostel building. it's quite unpleasant to hear about during the night if u know wht i mean. lol. i mean like yeah, my black area room seriously gives me the creeps evn before i knew of the history of the place. lol. so yeah, so glad to be moving again!

and about yesterday's class, it was supposed to start at 5. 30pm but the lastest shuttle from the hostel to the campus was at 12.30 so i took that one and got to the campus around 1 and consulted my academic stuff wif my academics advisor then had lunch wif Najlaa at Maju Junction. then went back to campus and just "bonded" with my academics advisor. then at about 5pm i created this blog! lol. while waiting for my lecturer to come to class. then when he finally came about 5:45pm, he just appointed the class reps and then just dismissed was quick. so at least i got to go back to the hostel earlier than planned. i was extremely exhausted tho. so yeah, showered n stuff then had dinner wif Raz. then, had a little chit-chat time wif my ex roomates, Zani n Balqis. then Najlaa joined us. then syirah n i were called to the office about our room changing. then i went to sleep. lol.

okay..i think imma go have a drink somewhere..kinda thirsty, eventho i'm not speaking, but my throat's dry. oh yeah forgot to mention how the elevator system sucks too. LOL.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009


on my FIRST BLOG EVER lol. hey hey bloggers. i'm here now. daa~♥