Monday, September 21, 2009

First day of Eid

So it was the 1st day of Eid. was okay. not as awesome as last year's. well, yong is back. so that is something different this year. really awesome lontong cooked by mak ikin. huhu oh man. but my stomach got some serious culture shock.

technically, rite now is already the 2nd day of raya. Ayah said we're going to Kuala Kangsar today. that's a nice thought. cannot wait..woo hoo. yeah feeling kinda drained and so not into the raya spirit. dunno why..well, cant really express everything here. that'd be like putting up my diary for public reading. hmm...but yeah...

so, abt the breaking fast event, Sir Amad's class had it without me coz i went to mfi wif syirah to see Lee!! that was fun..

hmm..there'll be a fet eid open house on the 3rd of oct. it's like rm25 per head. bt whatever, i'm the host. i mean, miit and iprom are the hosts this year.

oh yeah, i was kinda surprised to be getting Eid msgs frm so many ppl who i thought who have never texted me ever again. hmm lets not name any names so yeah.

in was an okay day. =>

Friday, September 4, 2009

lol. been what..2 weeks?

lol. okay. so many things happened already. we already had our trip to the national museum. it was actually enlightening once i figured i actually had to write a report on it! LOL. well, i turned it in yesterday(the due date's today) lol. yes, i'm being a "good" student. well, omg! so last weekend was a 3-day weekend. it was okay. alisa slept over n we didnt really do much for the Independence Day celebrations. hmm..oh yeah, so back to my story. OMG! so after the 3-day weekend, we were supposed to have a quiz. it was kinda huge coz it was  HISTORY quiz. like i totally stayed up n studied like crazy and i payed less attention to my BUSINESS class midterms which was on the same day too...ONLY to find out the next day(the day of the midterms n the quiz) that the quiz was cancelled! like OMG! so then my midterms went like WHOA!!! lol.  well, thank God the midterms were INDIRECTLY an open-book test. LOL.

okay, so now that the quiz is cancelled, the Sir just HAD to call out my name for some kind of debate thingy. i think it's something like a mock trial thing-a-majig..iono, it's the people's voice against the Government. so the downside is that it is in Malay, LOL and it's like rite before the quiz. LOL. eewwwwww! but on the bright side, i'm on the people's voice team! lol. we're supposed to argue about the price raising and stuff like that. effin mad! LOL

oh yeah, so i just realized, there are like a bunch of words that i just made up n it is underlined with a red line. but one that caught my eye is "LOL". like if i put it all in caps like "LOL", it is not underlined. but if i put in is small letters like "lol", it is underlined. LOL. -check it out-

hmm now in the iMac lab. waiting for Sir Amad to come n start the class. oh yeah, we were supposed to have this breaking fast moment tonight wif this class but it had to b cancelled coz the dorm ppl decided to make an event of breaking fast tonight. so, sir is a fellow so he has to take part too and he said most of us are residents of the hostel so yeah, our class' event will probably b done next week then. so i'm not planning to stay for the event tonight. but i did put my name up to help out a bit earlier before Ayah comes and pick me up at 3:30 p.m.. Then Ayah said we'll go check some places out for me to live in for the next semester. oh yeah, mama said i always think there's always somebody against me. iono, but it is kinda true. but whatever, that's why i've decided to make peace with the hostel crew (if there is peace to make- according to mama-LOL) so yeah, maybe it's just all in my head. but i aint freakin out.

OMG OMG OMG! syirah n I semi-MASTERED the  Hannah Montana Hoedown Throwdown!!!! OMG! it is waaaaay awesome!

okay..getting pretty long now..daa~♥