Friday, June 3, 2011

summer : day 3

Damn. things have a knack of being cancelled this week. sucks! but i stayed positive..and good things did happen. =] yeay! and results are out! hmm I'm grateful for what i received except for one subject. but I aint gonna say it in public. =] Whatever..that "lecturer" didn't even teach anything.'s LEVEL UP! 5th semester! harder, faster, better, stronger! of two things..maybe 3 things that sucked happened...3 other good things happened. so i'm all good. =] yeay! so i guess it is true what i read earlier today.."Happiness is not doing the things that you like, but liking the things that you do." =]

Hands of Happiness by Unknown photographer


Thursday, June 2, 2011

day 2.5..well..almost 3..

Crescendo I by Unknown

well a friend told me just now..

"relaks je dunia bagai kan roda jgn terlalu mgharap dan bersangka buruk tp ralways bersyukur dan tawakal serta usaha y berterusan....hehehe"-anonymous friend ♥

in's saying this world/life is like a big wheel. We can't get our hopes up too high or think too negatively about something/someone. Instead, we should be grateful with what we have and trust in God..but don't forget to make an effort that is never ending.

So, it's like, yeah everything is written down and all planned for us by God..but that doesn't mean we should stop living our lives or stop to make an effort to make two ends meet. There is a consequence to everything. So I guess I believe that everything happens for a reason. It's just, I have to remind myself that the reason might not show right now, sometimes we have to live to find the reason.


summer : day 2

sadly, the PD trip was cancelled at the last minute. T_T i even made more "Cake Batik"..LOL..oh well..still gonna go see Nina tomorrow and return Syirah's jacket as well. =] Hmm update on the babies...? Err..they still look the same, LOL only they move more now..they keep on stepping on each's just so cute. and 2π was cool about taking pics I guess..

LOL always milking but the orange-ish one was sleeping lol. I thot it I gave it a little poke. LOL then it woke up. apparently everybody already decided on the names of the 3 babies..they are named after the three stooges. LOL it'd be funny if one or all of it turn out to be female cats! ahaha..that's it for now..not in the mood for blogging. need to find a job. like seriously..


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

new born kitties welcomes June~♥

welcome June! ♥

2π (two-pie) just gave birth to 3 new baby kitties! OMG! They are soooooooo cute!! Most of them are I was like "Ma, are you sure this is the other cat's babies and not 2π's and Dopeet's???LOL coz you see..the only male cat who is not circumcised is definitely makes him the PRIME suspect. haha. well truthfully, I was in denial of 2π being preggies wit babies in her tummy...until just now..I SEE the BABY KITTIES and OMG..THEY ARE SOOOOOOO CUTE! -LOL I know, i can just write that in this whole post! haha here are some of their pics but 2π always wanted to get in the way. lol. Very protective "mother" she is. LOL but mama has a different idea. She said 2π was trying to tell us all of her stories about giving birth and all. I don't know..I guess we'll never know..well, at least maybe until Judgement day..=]

2π and her babies! She was milking them..maybe that's why she was all noisy about me taking pics. lol.Anywho...AREN'T THEY THE CUTEST LITTLE THINGS EVAH!!!!

LOL awh..well imma have to post this before the clock strikes at the first second of 12AM! coz then it would be June 2nd..that would not be cool. LOL err..i think i had something else to say but i forgot..oh! how beautiful the summer is? hahaha it's summer everyday in Malaysia! But i just LOVE the sun! I kinda sucks when I get beats looking like Edward Cullen from time to time! ahahaha!

AHA! today's menu! hmm had last night's Fettuccine Alfredo leftover for lunch..(more like breakfast coz i woke up late. well i woke up at 7am then went back to sleep. at 7, i woke up too abruptly..wonder what i dreamt. LOL.) so yeah..Fell asleep again and then went to check on 2π and her babies after like JUST finding out she gave birth. LOL. hmm then for dinner...made some awesome onion rings! Ayah saw it on the food channel and he asked to make it. Didnt get a picture of it. It was actually pretty good. LOL *points for being modest! (NOT!) haha

Well..everything is tip top awesome now..well maybe not tip top awesome but I'm grateful for's pretty tip top awesome for me. =] Ooh! gonna go to PD tomorrow..I ♥ THE BEACH! So...get ready for some pics from the beach! oh yeah! haha..oh yeah...I made more "Cake Batik"! Much better with Ariff's assistance in finding the sugar and a tupperware. =] Gonna bring some tomorrow and have Raz's Takoyaki! OMG IT IS GONNA ROCK TOMORROW! ahaha..hmm..yeah and made a lil one for Friday...gonna meet Nina! havent seen her in like..AGES! seriously..yeay! So much to talk about! So little time! =]

Summer by Jules Breton

The arrival of summer..but I'm happy..(I sound like a person in denial..I know..but really..I TRULY AM HAPPY) =]♥