Thursday, June 2, 2011

day 2.5..well..almost 3..

Crescendo I by Unknown

well a friend told me just now..

"relaks je dunia bagai kan roda jgn terlalu mgharap dan bersangka buruk tp ralways bersyukur dan tawakal serta usaha y berterusan....hehehe"-anonymous friend ♥

in's saying this world/life is like a big wheel. We can't get our hopes up too high or think too negatively about something/someone. Instead, we should be grateful with what we have and trust in God..but don't forget to make an effort that is never ending.

So, it's like, yeah everything is written down and all planned for us by God..but that doesn't mean we should stop living our lives or stop to make an effort to make two ends meet. There is a consequence to everything. So I guess I believe that everything happens for a reason. It's just, I have to remind myself that the reason might not show right now, sometimes we have to live to find the reason.


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