Friday, October 9, 2009

what day is it?

hmm so it's Friday..october 9th 2009. lol it's not like u can't read that up there. so last week, i didnt get to see mama coz she went to sarawak. So syam slept over at the ouse. it was pretty cool. she didnt have a ride to go to the FET Eid open house thingy so she slept over and came wif me.

The open house was really cool. i was the multimedia person! lol. we didnt get to do what we planned to do, but we got to show a video that Wanlat and his friends made. So it was like 9pm and they qued me to air the video. i was like "okay". so i had to go make an announcement which i thot the dude who works there was gonna do and i can go hit the "play" button on the laptop. but it was me who had to make an announcement (in Malay!) and rush really quickly ack to the laptop and press play. NO THANKS TO HADI really. LOL. hmm and in the midst of "omigosh i have to go press play" Naz just had to stop me and asked if i announced the correct thing. i was like-to myself-"DUDE! i know my Malay sucks okay!" but i totally got it right. he was just confused himself. well, the most important thing is that our VIP get to see the video. and she did. so that was all cool.

then we had this photography session. and Iman took the pics with some other gys who i dont really know. still have to find Iman's page or watever to get the pics he took for us from his camera. But i got some pics from yong's camera..the one with "sentimental values" lol. btw, that camera sucks yong! haha..but it was as good as i can get. thanks for letting em borrow it anyways.hehe.

man, this week's been some week. FINALLY gonna turn in most of my assignments which has kept me busy this past week. oh man cant say how relieved i am to be turning in my Pengajian Malaysia assignment!!and soon, my BUSINESS PLAN!!!! that was like "OMG!!!!!" yes...but gotta prepare for the presentation this weekend coz Sir Hamidon mite call on any group to present on Tuesday.

so yeah, it's like what...8.47am? waiting for Sir Amad to come to class..gotta have him approve of the food packaging then i can go print it, and print the cover for the Pengajian Malaysia assignment as well.And then....come back, turn in the Pengajian Malaysia and the food packaging design.then go back to the dorm n wait for ayah. hmm gotta find the time when the bus comes and picks us up at the campus. never took the bus from campus on a friday before! hehe