Tuesday, August 18, 2009

trip to the National Museum is cancelled..=[

huhu..the trip to the National Museum is cancelled. but the upside is, so is my History class!! hahaha...yeah...had a pretty awesome nasi lemak for breakfast. of course not of the same standard as Mama's nasi lemak. haha..but it was a pretty delicious one at a good n VERY reasonable price. i mean like, seriously, nasi lemak+sunny side up egg+iced tea=rm3.20. like omg! can't get any cheaper here in KL! lol. so that was great! but really disappointed that the trip got cancelled. the Sir said that one of the campus buses is used to send one student's corpse? hmm....iono..but the whole h1n1 thingy is getting really suspicious here. oh yeah, i better go to the 1st floor to register my club! lol forgot to tell ya, my classes will start at 2.30pm now that my morning class is cancelled. LOL. n i am actually not sleepy. coz i slept pretty early last nite. oh yeah Bella came over to my room last nite and we had this great time brainstorming ideas for the pentomind? did i spell that rite? lol. yeah, it's for our language day coming up after Eid. huhu...excited! coz we got this whole "A Christmas Carol" type of idea thing which i dont think many Malaysians know of. so yeah, we're tryna b out of the norm. LOL. okay..better go now..daa~♥

Thursday, August 13, 2009


i think yong asked me to search for all the kinds of viruses that exist..lol. coz sumthing;s up wif my laptop. it's okay, just, tryna b precautious. LOL. oh yeah, waiting for English class to start. done wif my java assignment. LOL. hmm....

oh yeah, started this dance club thingy. it's all good. so far there are plenty who seemed very interested. but like okay, i posted 3 flyers(one in each elevator) but someone tore one of it off...like omg. LOL. iono who did it. but i'm still hoping for feedbacks tonight! haha..somebody suggested singing too. and i was like, "sure! it's a club for loosing up anyways.." lol. i guess we could sing n dance n just let loose.

but then i thought of doing an english tutoring sessions. lol. maybe get some income. but iono...i'm not THAT good. lol..

oh well, we'll see...next semester or something..agaga..


Monday, August 10, 2009

Can't stop LOL-ing

LOL. the main dude has got serious issues. LOL. he's like a guy version of Khadijah. LOL. and yeah...he's got issues. hmm...they are all too high on something. of course that is not a new fact about guys..duh...they are always high on something. LOL. YES! finally...their class has started. all cleared...can enjoy my choc n blog now..LOL...


more LOL-ing!

LOL. rite after i posted the other blog, more guys came around. LOL. they've got issues. and iono how to refrain myself from laughing at their stupidity. LOL. I hope their class are starting soon. for my sake and their own sake too. LOL. i wonder what class they have. hmm...they're wering the diploma jackets..so it's confirmed that they're diploma kids. some of them mite b my age. but i think most of them are my juniors..like literally. hmm...more has come to joing the 3 LOL musketeers. LOL. and they're making fun of some other dude that they call CK. like Clark Kent? LOL. LOL LOL LOL. all of them just suddenly bursted out in laughter after that main dude said something abt him going to Midvalley the other day. hmm...dunno how that's funny. but just seeing them cracking up n making fools out of themselves is entertaining enough. LOL. man...hurry...i'm wishing for their class to start. LOL. i aint wishing my class to start. but i'm REALLY wishing my class is cancelled. LOL. HURRY SIR/MADAME of these freaky dudes! LOL. they seriously need help. LOL.


LOL. waiting for my 5:30pm class! LOL and i'm sitting here at the 19th floor wif like 7 guys and one other girl...LOL. four of the guys are babbling on and on about stupid stuff which actually makes u think but it's sooo funny. so it's kinda hard for me to refrain myself from laughing. LOL. and 2 other guys are about 3 feet from those stupid funny guys are just standing there, seeing how the lrt works. LOL. and they cant help but laugh to the other four guys. the girl next to me, she seems to have no reaction to their stupidity. LOL. and so is the other guy waaaaaaay over there...gud for them! pointers for good concentration! haha. okay, now comes another guy...joining the other four. but of the four, only 3 are actually saying stupid statements which actually make sense. LOL. now they r going off about Doraemon's "pintu ajaib!" LMAO! so the lonely guy of the four guys just now, went to the new guy that just joined the group. LOL. and the two guys who were figuring out the lrt operation has just left the site. LOL. chocolate would b good rite now. man...iono...hmm...so the main voice of the three stupid musketeers..LOL is iono whts his name but he was in the group next to mine during the orientation week. LOL. now comes another guy. i think it's the guy they talke dabout earlier, the one that's getting married soon..??LOL. and now they are going off about him being a Lefty. LOL. and the main dude is like making stupid myths about Lefties not living long enough, and finding their true love really late in their life(if they lived long enough). LMAO! i know rite! how stupid! n evil...LOL. man...i can just go on about these guys. LOL. but like i have nothing else better to do. LOL. well, I DON'T have anything better to do. LOL. oh yeah, gotta email Sir Amad my product ad. LOL. can i post it up here? hmm...

better be off then..daa~♥

Sunday, August 9, 2009

great day!

well, it was actually yesterday(saturday) lol. stayed home. had some serious mental breakdown. LOL. havent had that in a while. so it was all good. LOL. i was explaining to Yong about "the Ugly!" LOL. ariff knows wht i mean. lol. hmm..eating choc again...oh yeah, i was like so hyper while writing the previous post that i worte a lot of sentences that didnt make that much sense. lol. i meant to say "my new fav past time is blogging while eating a bar of chocolate" lol. but i said "my new past time hobby is.." i dont remember the rest but it was something like that. and i realized how much that sentence didnt make sense. lol.

so..about today...after the mental breakdown n waking up at 1pm(and that was coz my futsal captain called to cancel the practice for saturday! lol) i had a photoshoot wif Yong!!! yeay!!!! Yong is like the greatest sis ever! lol, she avtually lived through my breakdown n was cool about taking pics of me. LOL. pretty awesome pics! n i'm not saying I actually rocked, but like, dude! Yong was great! i didnt evn knw a quarter of the pics she took. man, some art director she was! hehe..

yeah..so..my next projects are a magazine cover n a product ad. but the product ad is due first which is next friday. n the magazine cover, iono when but the sketches for it is due next friday. lol. so i'm trying to b ahead of Sir Amad n do the photoshoot for the mag cover diz weekend. so i can work on editing and stuff next weekend. LOL. and, i aint complaining! i am seriosuly enjoying it! haha.

oh yeah, teddy scratched me today..
he got all puffy tailed just by looking at Ginger's butt.
stoopid cat! hahaha..
Ginger is my huge teddy bear that Aunty Ja frm arizona gave me on christmas eve 2005. LOL
that was all good..
n today was filled wit laughter. now my brain seriously hurt..

Friday, August 7, 2009

SOME peace...LOL

hmm..still tryna get the han gof this blogging thing. omigosh! i'm DONE! wif the photo montage, the LOGO, the organic drawing AND the geometric drawing! yes! n this time, i mounted it on the cardboard box wif like EXTRA care. like, everybody around me were literally holding the breaths! haha. u knw, so i wont accidentally tear it again! omigosh, last time, after like a day and a half coloring and stuff, the pic got torn! DUDE! it was so......FRUSTRATING! n i couldnt do a thing for like 2 days, then yeah, yesterday i was all alone in my dorm for like 4 hours?? so yeah, took that time n re-drew my organic drawing. man was i happy to b done! huhu..then i added some glitter to create some sort of interface. hmm..coz i used color pencils. like if i used the oil pastels, then i dont need to add anymore surface interfaces. LOL. did that make sense? hope so. hmm

i think i told u guys about the photoshoot today?? yeah, we had to bring a product(like, any product) and then Sir Amad took us to the photo studio on the 16th floor to take pics of the product to make an advertisement of that product. it was okay. i asked my classmate to b my last minute model. LOL. hmm..she was alrite..of course not professional. but i guess that's the closest i cud get to having a professional model. LOL

AND! i became a model myself! for someone else's product. i was just the holder. but it's all gud. i can put that in my resume..haha..like Mr. Lamb once said.."stretch the truth" haha. man, i cant imagine being a full time model. LOL. hard stuff. bt it's kinda fun when it's just u n the photographer(but the photographer has got to be like a friend or something to make me feel comfortable to like do poses n stuff) LOL. yeah so my product was...ALTOIDS! yes, my fav mints! haha..

now, back at the imac lab...hmm why am i not typing this using the imac? oh well.. imac's so cool. bt i guess typign this is fun using my dell. oh well. so yeah, waiting for the others to finish shooting their products. u knw, so i can transfer my pics from Sir's camera. yeah...i think it was that dslr type of camera. it's actually SO MUCH FUN! haha..

bt yeah, i'm planning to take photography in my final sem as one of the electives i'll have. LOL. but sir said he wont b teaching nemore, coz he's planning to continue his masters in photography somehwere abroad...i think he said england or germany. well, it's somewhere in Europe for sure. well, i wish him luck then. hopefully i'll get a cool lecturer like this current Sir for my photography class by my final sem.

lol okay, now i'm writing too much again arent i? LOL i cant help it. i jsut have so much to tell...n nobody to talk to. Raz n Najlaa are having a fever. all my fault. huhu..hmm...i just cant wait for futsal this evening! n i REALLY cant wait to go HOME!!!haha...oh sweet bed...haha..

need lotsa rest! n i have a sudden craving for chocolate...eating chocolate while blogging is my new past time hobby. it feels satisfying. like, coz i'm not actually talking but i'm expressing myself without having to open my mouth so i can suck on the chocolate. oh yeah, that once became like a debate topic. i mean, a topic that ppl actually fought over n stuff. like, do u suck on chocolate...or do u chew it? LOL duh...it's up to the indivual who is eating the chocolate. for me, sucking is much more satisfying and indulging. LOL. okay now i am seriously craving for choc! huhu..i think imma go down for a sec n get some! hehe..

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

hmm..kinda busy

hmm...got some photo montage-ing to do. LOL. due friday! but gotta print by tomorrow..

i forgot my sketch books on my table this morning..huhu..
was so excited to bring them..
hmm..kinda bored...but yeah..i should b doing my photo montage now..hehe..
oh yeah, waiting for the FET reunion Hadi planned. he said something about our seniors??
i thot we were the pioneers here at MIIT. oh well.
one thing's for sure: syirah and I are the only girls at the city campus(UniKL)
i was like "dude, wht's the meeting for?" LOL. then i purposely said aloud "Adiaa, DON'T BE SELFISH" and syirah was just next to me..hehe*inside thing* mama should understand! hehehehehehe....:D hmm we can't insert a smiley here? whaat?

oh yeah, had brunch all alone today...coz raz n najlaa both caught my fever. now i'm here, typing a blog entry, n eating chocolate.LOL. oh yeah, that reminds me, gotta go eat my meds.
but omigosh, the meds are soo strong..huhu...well, i'm done wif classes for today but HADI just HAD to make the meeting..HMPH! whatever. lol. okay, off now...daa~♥