Thursday, June 2, 2011

summer : day 2

sadly, the PD trip was cancelled at the last minute. T_T i even made more "Cake Batik"..LOL..oh well..still gonna go see Nina tomorrow and return Syirah's jacket as well. =] Hmm update on the babies...? Err..they still look the same, LOL only they move more now..they keep on stepping on each's just so cute. and 2π was cool about taking pics I guess..

LOL always milking but the orange-ish one was sleeping lol. I thot it I gave it a little poke. LOL then it woke up. apparently everybody already decided on the names of the 3 babies..they are named after the three stooges. LOL it'd be funny if one or all of it turn out to be female cats! ahaha..that's it for now..not in the mood for blogging. need to find a job. like seriously..


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