Thursday, January 20, 2011

skipped wednesday..

LOL. nothing happened, since i only had Mandarin class that day. Oh! Afra did bake some cream puffs and i had one. It was delicious! =] then came back early enough to go work out. Then comes Thursday!

Well, it's Apit's bday. just wished him! lol. i know it was late. I didnt know what number he used! lol. so yeah, and yeah. Oh yeah, went to Masjid Jamek wit Melah to buy this really cute and awesome mini table. so now i don't have to lay on my stomach to use the laptop. well, we do have those study tables thingamajigs but yeah..not comfortable. so the mini awesome table that i just bought was like rm16.90 at mydin. so a couple pens. lol for the exams! since i've got a bunch of papers this semester. LOL. so yeah, went out and came back in about an hour. we really didnt plan on doing anything else.

oh yeah, yesterday, Mela drew Johnny Depp and for her it wasn't good enough, so I asked if i could have it. LOL. it was good enough for me! lol. maybe the mouth is a bit small and a little out of proportion but it's as good as it's gonna get for me. LOL. then Bella drew Spiderman for me. lol coz last time i tried, i couldn't fit his head. lol. but she drew him from the top half. lol. using CHARCOAL! both of them used charcoal. it was awesome! so i got super inspired, plus wit the new table and i drew myself a spiderman.

My spidey

Lol. all 3 pics are the same drawing. Just tryna not get any shadow of my phone. LOL. Probably will scan it later for any future

Here's Bella's Spidey..

She said she messed up the ribs but it's okay...she worked hard on it. =]

Here's what Melah drew. Johnny Depp...(when he did drugs? lol jk)

well we had fun, definitely! =] ♥ ♥ ♥


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