Monday, January 17, 2011

You see what you believe, or you believe what you see?

LOL. some topic huh? well, today was quite fun. joined the photography class, but didnt register for it. lol. they were just presenting. Sir got his brownies, and yeah it was all good. Even tho I said he didn't have to pay for it, he gave DD some money to give to me. LOL. but i used it to treat everybody a mickey d's dinner. well, we had to top up with our own money. LOL.

well, some drastic news came to my ears today. but i aint gonna tell about it here. it's just kinda pathetic, but really more sad. Though, i did get some theories out of my but we were just It's insane. but whatever..

basically it's just about..lately..I've been thinking, if people see what they believe is true or what they tell themselves is true. there is a difference right? like if you keep telling yourself it's cold on a summer's day, eventually it will be cold for you while it is actually 104 F. right? something like that. hmm but sometimes..things are just it could be raining and sunny at the same time, where a rainbow (sometimes even TWO rainbows) will appear. right? hmm whatever..

anywho...MA was okay..cant wait to actually start coding again. but i know imma wish i hadn't said that! haha. oh's a couple pics of the carrot cake i made..

that's it I guess...wasn't that pretty..but it was satisfyingly delicious. haha. and so i've been told...=]

off to math "homework" (which i HAVE stopped asking for!) lol


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