Monday, January 10, 2011


First thing's first, Happy New Year! Whoa! it's 2011! lol. well didnt do much, just went over to see some family in KL. Ate some Thai food..i think? It was good! and Mak Yah made ALL of our favorite desserts! Then did some spring cleaning.

Well, I'd tell the stories but it'll just bored you. so skip to day 10 of 2011. LOL. i totally choked on some fish bone. oh man! it was horrible! The bone was like half an inch long..and almost as thick as yarn. LOL. but it wasn't soft and bendy like was hard alright..poking somewhere down my throat. Went to the clinic across from campus..with one of my roommates, Bella. The doc just pulled it out and it was...the best feeling ever! it didnt cost that much. I did beg the doc for student price! haha plus SME Bank's Tower has a pretty awesome cafe. And it's all make your own waffle and stuff. lol. so that's all cool. shoved a cool cream puff (like really extremely creamy) cream puff down my throat after that. Oh it was "sensational" . lol. umm..oh did i skip the part where i threw up all of what i ate before the incident? yeah..i just finished eating and it wasn't even 4 minutes after that, that i started to choke and puke out everything. LOL. Yeah..totally felt bulimic. haha.

Oh yeah, first day of school. not much happened...coz i was too busy concentrating to get the freakin fish bone outta my throat. LOL. umm my lecturers seemed cool. i was LITERALLY begging for an assignment. Finally my math finally i get a good one for this subject (that i dropped last semester). She's pregnant she'll be away for a bit later. she just gave us one question to do "at home". =] so i guess that's okay. I'll rest. Tomorrow's class starts at 2:30 since the morning lab session is cancelled. =] well, the lecturer just assumed not many will b attending. so the first week is the week for you to decide which class you wanna take like..really wanna take. LOL.

I guess that's about it. Now at the hostel..just gonna rest. and make sure i gargle whatever meds the doc gave to ease my throat from the scratch or something. =]

nitey nite~♥


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