Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The 11th day..

January 11th..beautiful date..11.1.11. =] well not much happened..the morning class was canceled and thank God the lecturer told us on the day before so went to campus at like 1pm coz my class was at 2:30pm. It was another satisfying session of math. Had to answer for my friends who didnt come tho. but that's okay. Started the 3D class but we just got our backgrounds straight and the lecturer said that she's gonna start teaching tomorrow. So the class was cut short.

Got back on the bus. Just as soon as i unpacked some stuff like my phone and mp4, kak ain called and asked to join her at the NEW gym downstairs! Went on the track thingy. It was fun! Then we walked to the petronas nearby. Bought a cold less sugar drink. =] eat healthy. be healthy! =]

Oh yeah, thought of taking photography but I guess I'll just have to wait. haven't got a camera yet. So i'll just wait till after my practical. And as for the dance club...this year, imma propose the idea of dance theater. it would be EPIC. well, hopefully it will..have an idea for the beginning but haven't gotten the inbetween and how to get everybody at the end or something. =] Will need to look up at some songs for inspiration.

Oh, going out to meet Syam on Thursday. Gonna look for that adapter thingy..then ic an probably get a good recording by this weekend..and people listening by next week! haha i wish! well then..not much else happened. I didnt have to ask for homework this time, the lecturer was very happy to give us a question to do "at home". Since the next class will be on next week, I guess i can put it up. LOL. Not as enthusiastic as i was before to do the "homework". just tired from the workout. hopefully i can fall asleep faster..i guess. =]

That's it for now..


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