Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Black & White Wednesday

LOL I wore black and white today. Just out of randomness..but my watch is still yellow and my hair tie is still black and green. =] Well, went to campus around noon. The 3D class was supposed to be at 12:30 but I guess the new cute lecturer didn't realize she had to join that MQA thingy too and told us she would start teaching today. Hence, we went and got disappointed that she never showed up. But we were smart enough to leave early and went o have lunch.

Then it was time for Mandarin 1. LOL literally tryna remember them syllables. It was okay. very funny class. oh man...but now i'm too sleepy. Got back around 5pm then searched for all of the music stores at Mid Valley. And went to the gym again with Kak Ain, accompanied by Bella n Mela. It was a short session. But yeah..i guess that's a pretty good start. then had Fried Noodles for "dinner". LOL i know rite! after working out?! yeah..but i guess it's okay. That's only once today. Not planning to eat more friend stuff. lol. But i really do feel like getting something at Carl's Jr. tomorrow. LOL. Hey, at least i eat 3 times a day. and even that, I wont go snackin at nite anymore. I'm full now. LOL.

Oh yeah, looked up some guitars. I don't know how to look for a guitar. So found some guides on buying a guitar. I guess it's all cool. The basic thing is that i feel comfortable playing it. So yeah, gotta test it out first. And i think my basics in the sound is okay...tho i am still kinda scared the sales person might lie to me. but yeah..that's why i read the tips. So there are some stuff i should look out for. but i wish Fred's friend Adi could accompany me shop for a guitar. maybe just check stuff out and not buy it YET. I think he would know more about guitars. oh well...we'll see what happens tomorrow. =]

Tired now..laterzz "blogerzzz"...



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