Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I've actually been "busy"? haha

LOL. Oh man! Friday's classes were tiring! One was actually disappointing. lol. anywho, didn't eat that whole day. saturday, went to Raz's wedding. She was sooo beautiful! her wedding was beautiful! Went with Naj who turned out to be staying at her cousin's house or somehting like that like near Pn. Harvinder's house area. (so darn close to our house is what i'm tryna say! haha). Well, then we waited for the rest to come and they arrived around 3-ish. lol. The food was GOOD.

Oh yeah, lately, I have a knack for choking on things, hence I'm lack of appetite to eat. I do feel hungry and crave for things, but when it comes to eating it, I'd think twice maybe thrice. lol. then i won't eat at all. =[ but I AM hungry. lol.

Anyways..Saturday passed, i think i baked some cake that early sunday morning. With its fudge and all! Moist chocolate cake. super good. =] lol points for NOT BEING MODEST! haha jk. but seriously, i really liked it. it wasn't too moist tho. but it was moist enough for most tongues. haha. Fudge was super easy to make. gotta give Afra the recipe i think...?

Monday...went into Sir Amad's photography class. it was so much fun! thinking of taking it next sem wit's tiring but so much fun. it makes me feel like almost ALL of the pics i took before are soooo ugly! haha. but at least i know better now, so that's just super awesome! Sir said i could tkae pics and show him like a regular student (since i'm not officially registered in the subject), but i sorta, i would give ideas to Mela n DD where to take pics. =] so i still understand the concepts. lol. but the final pic that he asked to take, and show it later after the chinese new year holidays, I will go home and take it. It's really hard to take THE perfect picture, but like, so much fun and super awesome when you actually get it.

Tuesday..nothing much happened. only i left my hard disk at my first class. Adn realized about 8 hours later! thank God just now Mela found it! Thank God! Thank God for the person who ever saw it for being honest! Gosh! I've never been ever sooooo thankful! *sigh* seriously. Tho, surprisingly, last nite i fell asleep like a baby. Truth: i seriously couldn't think about anything else since the hard disk was missing. so i couldnt think on my 3D tutorial. lol. oh yeah, successfully installed 3D Max 2011. So yeah...super awesome! =] a better mood than last nite. i feel like eating but yeah..that feeling again...damn it! lol...I'm hungry...


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