Saturday, January 15, 2011

Saturday~~ ♥

Couldn't blog last nite. was too tired. Well, the 2 morning classes were cancelled. Met the new leacturer tho, he's cute. but hopefully he teaches okay too! haha. hmm went to low yat and got the adapter! it was like rm5! but told yong too late coz kak yaya already ordered another one online. for $5 (USD) so i guess that's okay. so..i was gonna try out the adapter on the pc, but i was too tired. I slept while waiting for the rest to come and pick me up to go see nenek at Mak Ogie's house. on the way there we had dinner at Carrefour Ampang. It was delicious, but iono why i was sooo hungry at the time. lol. I think walking really burns the calories. LOL. so haven't been to the gym since wednesday. but that's okay. I figured i have to lose like _0kg haha. but i've done 10kg in a month before. so i think my target wont take a year. perhaps less than half a year. *fingers crossed!*

So, met nenek..he seemed really happy to get the photo frames mama has been working on with all of our pics in it. =] and that was pretty much it. oh yeah, afra, pharie and i started talking about our internships. planning to do it overseas. but iono yet. but we're just gonna try and apply.

so on the way back..from what seemed like such a looooong day, i heard in the car, ellie gooulding's version of elton john's "your song". Tryna put the vid here, but the internet's just too slow...oh well..


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