Saturday, September 3, 2011

Autumn, Day 3

hi! first thing's first: I know you so laughed at the title coz I give titles as if Malaysia actually has 4 seasons. and if you didn't laugh then, you wudda laughed at that statement. LOL okay now I look silly coz I'm smiling and--okay I lost my thought--there's this super annoying what is that? It's coming from my laptop, is some bug getting seriously fried in it or something? LOL sounds like it. --not cool--

anywho, second of all: I have 9 followers?! =] you bet I'm freakin smiling. =] thank you! and those are only the listed ones--i suppose-- hee..=]

next...what the hell happened in 2 months? like -literally- I have no idea where to start. well for one thing i definitely do not remember what were the 3 things that happened that was super awesome (from the last post) LOL.

okay so lets see..i dont think anything else happened in June..or was that July. *kinda regretting starting this post* oh! not to mention i have like a bagazillion things to be done at least by this coming Monday, and YES I managed to find the time to write this post. --well you're reading it =]-- thank you.

I guess this wont go so archived --as planned-- since I dont remember what the heck happened in June and July. So yeah, hmm..well all of 2π's babies DID turn out to be all female! lol hmm one of them died, she was supposed to be "mine"..her name was Mot..coz she was "coMOT" lol. so cute. Mot's death was kinda expected which made it more sad..she was all gloomy and stuff and we had to leave to go somewhere, and as much as it was expected, I didn't want to believe it. But I was the one who found her cute little body..T_T but then Yong and Ariff and Ayah buried her. And then there was 2. so we named the other 2 Frutti and Tutti. So with their "last names" it will be "Frutti π" and "Tutti π" lol. Tutti is very cuddly and quiet, yet very playful! Frutti kept on going on the weighing machine and not so cuddly. but she's still cute and playful. and she meows a lot. They are away now, gonna pick them up from the boarding place later today, coz it's Eid! --Happy Eid!!-- lol yeah we went back to Nenek's and Tokmok' we couldnt leave the babies and 2π just like that for about 4 days. Oh yeah, Bopee got in a fight with Dopeet..Dopeet like literally took a bite out of Bopee's Bopee's recovering now. It's not as bad as I just described it.Well, not anymore. Iono what is up with Dopeet but he seriously got issues with Bopee. Manja is just licking everyone. LOL. so yeah..that's that..

I think later, in the early days of July, I had to take care of some Kazakh students. They were on some "edu-visit" to UniKL MIIT. That was a great deal of 2 weeks! I told myself not to get attached but as everyone knows, I always do. Got into some trouble too..i rather not recall..coz it wasn't even my fault. I know that sounded childish but if you were me, you wouldn't be able to live with it either. then August came--which was also the month of Ramadhan-- Classes started for like a week and then we had to change the schedule's time for fasting month. It was good though. but it was definitely THE longest first week of "school" had to decide what to take and stuff to lighten my burden for the final year project which was after the industrial training. Oh! that's another thing, the internship..oh man..I feel like the most screwed up chick ever. *excuse the expression* (lol yeah, i totally just got that from a movie. lol well, excuse me for thinking my life was a movie for a second there--a girl can dream-- haha

okay i'm baffled by the thought of "why the heck is the word "movie" underlined with red squigglies?" whatever. So yeah, school started and then a month passed..the same thing kept on repeating, I wouldn't want to brag but yes I am too nice to turn some people down. here, i meant it as for assignments. lol. well Najlaa and I suffered through our first presentation together, not to mention the seemingly cool "Chef Wan"-double- but a total drill sergeant as a mandarin lecturer..but at least he didn't give any "homework" for the holidays. So about group assignments, I really don't know if it is me or people or whatever. well, i definitely feel used. damn free loaders. whatever. It's tough but at least I have Najlaa by my side this semester..T_T I can't bare the thought of having to do one more year after the internship without Najlaa. =[ I'm barely surviving now. yes i know i survived last semester without her..but really..hmm..

So, the fasting took my like 3 weeks --I think-- until I finally said the "R" word..I mean, Ramadhan. It's just so funny. Well that's an inside thing I guess. Oh yeah, doing some work for some Raya event coming this 16th September. Aqmal is the event manager. He...has taught me A LOT..since..May..or was it whatever..1 thing that is really different, something that he induced in my personality is being organized. like I've always imagined the inside of my head was like Spongebob's in the episode where Squidward told him to delete everything but how to be the most awesome waiter..well if you have never watched that, it's just like hundreds of me running aorund in my head organizing files and stuff like in an office. Only, the old me was so not organized "up there". And well, Aqmal taught me to be more organized up there and I don't think he knows it.Other than that, he increased my patience level. like I'm already a patient person --lol so much for being modest! hehe-- but he made me more patient. aww man, I was gonna make this whole other post about the people I've met and what they have taught me. coz this one is getting pretty long..yeah, think imma just end it here..

well, the painting that caught my eyes was this one..

Lily of the Valley by Rachel Anderson

I was doing some light reading on flowers and their meanings. It's quite interesting. And I found that my favorite would be Lilies..specifically Lily of the Valley. I like it A LOT mainly because it symbolizes sweetness and coz it is white, it symbolizes the purity of the heart. and I just felt connected to it like, that's--IT-- you know? The article or website I read mentioned that generally lilies symbolizes purity and "refined beauty"..Iono how to explain it, I just feel like..yeah, that's the flower for me. I'm not saying I'm some kind of saint or whatever, but the thing that I am sure of is that, that is how I wanna feel and that is how I feel when I look at it. I've never came across it in real life though. That would be SUPER AWESOME. so yeah, glad to have that..sharing moment should go find your flower. =]


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